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Clarity by Melaleuca.

Let's get strip it all down to the basics, shall we? I've spent a good amount of time searching for that perfect acne product, and I've tried everything from Proactiv to smearing honey on my face using a lemon I cut in half. Finally, after years of searching, I found my perfect product! It's called Clarity and it's a four-step acne prevention system.
  1. Foaming Cleanser
  2. Deep Cleaning Astringent 
  3. Oil-Free Moisturizer 
  4. Spot Treatment
I've never used a product that works as well as Clarity. The cleanser combined with the astringent and moisturizer leave my face feeling soft and clean, without completely drying out my sensitive skin. And the spot treatment is perfect for taming those freak breakouts I get every once in a while.
Since I've started using Clarity on a daily basis, I've gone from constantly having at least 7 - 10 zits on my face at a time, to maybe getting one or two every few weeks. Even when I do wake up to a surprise pimple, it's very small and goes away within a day or two. Clarity has changed the way I look and feel about my skin. I no longer feel like I have to cake on a ton of make up to cover up my spotty, bumpy face. In fact, I've stopped using coverup all together because I'm just that confident about my complexion. 

Give it a try! Here's where you can order some:  Clarity: Acne Prevention System



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